7 News Miami,Wade, Haslem pivot into restaurant business, hold Aventura opening

Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem have played together on the basketball court. Now the Miami Heat stars are teaming up with a new restaurant. Deco checked out what they’re serving up. We have seen them as teammates on the basketball court. Now Wade and Haslem are business partners. Deco was at a grand opening party of their new restaurant: 800° Woodfired Kitchen in Aventura. Dwyane Wade: “This is the first thing that we decided, to sit down and become partners away from the game of basketball. If we can get a little bit of the success together we had on the court, then we’ll be doing all right.” U.D. and Wade have a new company called 43, 40 for Udonis’ number and 3 for Wade’s. Their first task: bring this popular restaurant to SoFlo. Udonis Haslem: “This is just something that manifested 16 years ago when we met. We started building our relationship, and now we’re here today.” At the party, guests tasted some of the 800° signature items, like woodfired pizza. But these guys had a say in the menu, too. Udonis Haslem: ‘I’m the wings guy. I got some wings that I’m working on, and I am trying to get them exactly how I would like them.” A party for Heat players wouldn’t have been the same without the Heat’s official DJ: DJ Irie. DJ Irie: “It’s amazing. I am having a great time. I am enjoying the food, enjoying the drinks.” We know what the guys are doing off the court, but Heat fans are waiting for Wade to announce if he’s coming back to the team. Deco confirmed one thing: Wade is staying in SoFlo one way or another. Dwyane Wade: “If I am not wearing a Miami Heat jersey next year, I will be wearing it under one of my sweaters or jackets, and if I am not wearing it on the court, then I won’t be wearing no jersey.” Fingers crossed, D-Wade will be playing in the AAA when basketball season starts next month. In the meantime, we can all eat at 800° Woodfired Kitchen when it officially opens next week Read Full Post

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